I love coffee!  I used to hate it.  In fact, I didn’t even really drink it until 2015.  I started working at a coffee roaster in Seattle and my world changed.  I learned what real, fresh coffee was and immediately after my first ever pour over using a Chemex, which is a brewing method where you pour hot water over freshly ground beans using a beautiful glass vessel, I was in love.  I learned a lot about the roasting process and what makes a good cup of coffee.  

Now I enjoy going to coffee shops even more because I only pick the ones who actually roast their own coffee or better yet, have a relationship with the farmers that grow the coffee, know which beans are best to purchase and bring them back to America so we consumers can enjoy the perfect cup.  

I also love finding a great space to work, relax, people watch and enjoy a latte, espresso or pour over (those are my top 3 go-to coffee drinks).  The Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice, CA is one of my all-time favorite places to do all the above-mentioned activities.  I love the industrial vibe and the seating options are superb, especially the one where I was when I took the picture in this post, with a nice overview of the hustle and bustle below (although on this day I was there early in the morning on a holiday and it was empty which is rare for this location).  This is not a paid post or sponsorship from Intelligentsia, I just really like their coffee and this awesome space!  You can read more about their story and values here.  I could write a whole series on coffee alone. 

Photo Notes: Venice, CA – Intelligentsia Coffee / May 2017 / iPhone 6s Plus

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