Old Town Murrieta

The first signs of a town formed in 1884, when a townsite was mapped along the old California Southern Railroad, which was a passenger train line that ran from San Diego to Barstow beginning in the 1880’s and ending in the mid 1930’s.  Although it wasn’t for a little over one-hundred years later, on July 1, 1991 when Murrieta, California officially became a city.

Today, there is a self-guided walking tour with QR codes on the sidewalks, listing the various historic buildings and structures throughout the town.  Mixed with new construction as well, there is plenty to see and do in Old Town Murrieta, which may not be known to most since it is off the beaten path.  However, it is just a few miles from the 15 freeway and the suburban sprawl that started in the 1980’s and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down since. 

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