Moving On

I have moved twenty-six times in forty years.  I am not in the military or running from the law, I just can’t be in the same location for too long.  I get antsy. I don’t know how people can put down roots and live in the same place for decades on end.  I guess I get bored easily, even of my surroundings, seeing the same people, same houses day in and day out.  I have been to several homes of friends over the years and when you walk in it looks like a dorm room or that they just moved in, shocking myself to find out they have been there for years.  If you are renting and aren’t allowed to alter the walls or rental in any way, you can still make it look lived in instead of temporary housing with simple furniture arrangement, potted plants, area rugs, and the list goes on. 

My last big move involved packing up a 1-bedroom townhome, a little over one-thousand square feet, in three days.  From packing to moving everything myself (with the help of family, no moving companies), driving back and forth once a day, an hour each way and unpacking, all in three days.  I discovered that I have become a pro at knowing the ins-and-outs of moving. 

First, start with sturdy boxes.  Did you know that you can get free boxes from Starbucks and bookstores (Barnes & Noble in particular)?  Those boxes work the best because they are thick and durable (after all they have to hold coffee beans and books).  Second, pack per room type and label the boxes accordingly.  For example, everything that you have in your living room will go into boxes labeled “Living Room” and so on.  This way, the packing goes faster and everything will easily be right where you need them at the new place.  Third and maybe the most important one - don’t overpack.  Keep picking up the boxes as you are putting your belongings in them.  If the box is getting too heavy then stop what you are doing and put some packing filler like newspaper or paper grocery bags in them, to fill the empty space.  Then tape up the box, label it and you’re done!

Just remember that life is what you make it.  If you want to move, then move.  If you want to stay somewhere, then stay. But little things like packing, moving and unpacking can bring great joy if you know what you’re doing.

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