Open the Door

I will always remember the time a coworker dumbfounded me with one simple sentence.  It happened a while ago, almost ten years now, but it has stuck with me ever since.  

I was working at a museum when a visitor asked me where a certain neighborhood was that she had heard about in a local guidebook and if I had any recommendations of what to do and where to eat in said neighborhood.  I excitedly explained about the great restaurants to enjoy and art galleries to explore and where it was in relation to the museum, which happened to be on the other side of the museum, no more than a five-minute drive away.  I also delved into the overall vibe of the neighborhood with its 1920’s architecture, cool boutique shops and bookstores all of which I knew first hand since I had explored the neighborhood a few days after I started my employment at the museum.  I love exploring different neighborhoods, especially ones I live in or work near.  After the visitor thanked me profusely for the valued insights I provided her, I will never forget what happened next; my coworker came up to me and said, “I have never heard of that neighborhood before and you said it is five minutes away?”

The coworker had never heard of a popular neighborhood that was basically next to the museum?  Adding to my astonishment of what I just heard, was that fact that the coworker had worked at the museum for six years while I had been there six days.  Before that moment, I never thought that exploring your surroundings was such a foreign concept, as it is something I have always done even when I was a child with my parents.  But for a lot of people, they simply go from point A to B and back again, without ever knowing what is in between or even what is beyond those confinements. 

I couldn’t imagine my life that way.  Behind every closed door awaits a world of wonder, opportunities and adventure.  What door will you open today?

Notes: Tucson, AZ - Barrio Viejo Historic Neighborhood / March 2018 / Taken with an iPhone X

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