Most people I have known stay at jobs they absolutely hate, for years, even decades because of one underlining factor; fear.  Fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of starting over and learning new things.  I don’t pride myself at quitting so many jobs, but I am unfortunately an expert at noticing all the signs of a job that is going down like the Titanic.  But overcoming that fear of leaving a job I hate because I’d rather do nothing then something that I know I don’t love, was the beginning of my freedom.  This first acknowledgement is the hardest one.  You finally have to admit that the job that has been eating away at your soul, the job that you hate, the company, the culture that is horrific, will never get better.  Freedom is the greatest gift we are born with and the hardest thing to hold on to.  Change starts with you and overcoming your fears.

Photo Notes: Menifee, CA / July 2018 / Taken with an iPhone X

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