Desiderio Neighborhood Park - Pasadena, CA

Perfectly situated directly under the historic Colorado Street Bridge (Opened December 13, 1913) and alongside the protected open space Arroyo Seco, is Desiderio Neighborhood Park, which celebrated its grand opening in 2019.

While this park is relatively small in size (around 4 acres), it feels grand under the concrete marvel above.  This park is the perfect starting point (has its own parking lot, restrooms etc.) for a self-guided walking tour of the beautifully landscaped setting, along with the surrounding historic neighborhood.

There is so much to see here from not only the park itself, but the bridge viewed from this unique vantage point, to the old California oak trees lining South Arroyo Boulevard and the gorgeous homes, including ​​the private residence and garden of John Barber that was built in 1926.  This front yard garden has a central pathway leading up to the house with an abundance of native plants and trees.

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