Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters - El Segundo

Here is a little history about El Segundo, CA, directly from the website of Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters:

“In the early 1900's, Standard Oil built its second California Refinery on the coast a few miles west of Los Angeles.  Named El Segundo ("the second"), the refinery would soon lend its name to the thriving industrial town it helped create.  Eventually, the city of El Segundo would become synonymous with aviation and aerospace.  In the early days, refinery smoke would often settle in the neighboring area the locals dubbed ‘Smoky Hollow.’”

According to the city of El Segundo’s website, “Smoky Hollow is an authentic and historical business zone that is emerging as a center for creativity and innovation.”  Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters encompasses a few businesses within its small industrial courtyard-like compound; a film production company, and a bakery.  

There is a very small parking lot but an abundance of free street parking.  Entering Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters, you are instantly greeted with an inviting industrial space with outlets hanging from the rafters, large comfortable leather lounge chairs, additional seating, including a large wooden conference table and bar stools overlooking the roaster. 

They have a wide selection of whole beans for purchase including a “Half Kaf” blend with tasting notes of praline, raisin and honey that is especially delicious.

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