Welcome to my blog!  My name is Jeremy and this is a blog about travel, photography, nature, architecture, coffee and life. New posts every Saturday!  I am a bit of a nomad so for the moment, I am based out of Phoenix, AZ.

After a certain number of decades on this Earth, I finally decided to start a blog because everyone kept telling me I should but mostly because it just felt like the right time.  I was born in San Diego, CA and grew up between there and Manhattan Beach, CA which really are two different worlds.  When I was 13 we moved to Orange County, CA where I attended high school and then community college, later going to university in Hawaii.

I consider myself a traveler but only within the western United States.  I have exploring my neighborhood, city and state down to a science but I have never traveled abroad.  I have only been outside the U.S. three times; once to Puerto Vallarta, MX and twice to Vancouver, Canada.  For the last nine years or so I have been engulfed in Public Relations with a side of writing, editing, working in the coffee industry and the startup world.

My goal with this blog is to inspire myself and hopefully my readers.  If you have any suggestions on my content, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Have a great day!

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